Golbach Design

I’m Siebe Golbach a freelance product designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. As an experienced product design engineer, I can shape your idea in to a tangible product. I love to be challenged by developing new products with moving mechanical components or design a stylish enclosure. My interests are broad, but my core passion is to invent, visualize and realize new ideas.

Currently, I’m already 8 years into product development, both company employed and as freelancer. I was part of the development of various consumer, industrial and medical products, which are being used around the globe.

I’m a curious and critical person, looking for alternative approaches, new combinations and new standards to realize your next idea. My organized yet flexible and proactive approach is essential for an innovative product development, in which I strive to design aesthetically interesting minimalist products that are both functional and efficient to use.

Being a freelancer, I can work independent or enhance your team and deliver a fresh approach and new insights in your current project. My core expertise focuses on the concept development and detailed engineering up-to production.

For extensive and/or more challenging projects, I make use of a broad network of design and manufacturing partners. This enabling me to quickly adapt and fit the expertise to the project.